Research Fellows

Dr Alex R. Chapman

Alex R. Chapman has worked for some 30 years at State Herbaria in WA and NSW and in a number of European and American herbaria. He is a taxonomist (Acacia; Ericaceae) and bioinformatics specialist having particular interest and experience in botanical systematics and nomenclature, collections management and information systems, and biological data standards.

At the WA Herbarium he developed ‘FloraBase – the Western Australian Flora’ website in the 90’s and was editor and member of the scientific advisory committee for ‘Nuytsia – the journal of systematic botany for WA’ between 2003 – 2013.

He has lectured in Biodiversity Informatics at Edith Cowan University’s School of Biological and Environmental Sciences and worked as a member or convener of several scientific committees including the Australian Herbarium Information Systems Committee and the Oceania Regional Secretary of the international Taxonomic Databases Working Group.

He works as a Consulting Scientist with Gaia Resources in a range of areas including citizen science and biological collections often in the role of an internal client representative to ensure relevant quality project outcomes.

His recent work on Project 1 has focused on phenological analysis in foraging species.