Labelling & Trade Mark Testing for Cues to Clearly Show Authenticity & Quality


The objective of this project will be to develop and test labelling and trade marks to show honey bee product authenticity and quality world-wide.


1. The applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree (or above) in Marketing or any related discipline (i.e., Psychology). Preference will be given to applicants with a first-class honours degree (or equivalent);

2. The applicant should have strong interests in international marketing and product strategy and should be able to demonstrate strong research capability or potential in these fields;  

3. Applicants should have excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills;

4. It is preferred (but not essential) that the applicant is familiar with both qualitative and quantitative marketing research methods;

5. The candidate should be willing to work as part of a large interdisciplinary team to achieve outcomes through a combination of planning, working independently & collaboration with other team members; 

6. The candidate should be willing to engage with external stakeholders such as private companies & government departments to effectively present scientific research results to this audience;

7. The successful applicant will be resident in Perth, Western Australia, or prepared to move to Perth for the duration of candidature and will be ready to commence their candidature in early 2018.


The CRC will provide a stipend of $30,000 each year for up to 3.5 years. For a successful international applicant, UWA Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education will waive the tuitions fees (approx. $37,000 per year) for the duration.  As a PhD student at UWA, the candidate is also entitled to other benefits (such as a laptop, travel and conference funding).


Prof Fang Liu



If you are interested in applying this PhD program, please send your latest CV and a personal statement (addressing the requirements) to Dr. Fang Liu at before 31 December, 2017.