“Whats the Buzz” Managing Competing Interests in Developing WA’s Beekeeping Industry


An innovative and motivated PhD candidate is needed to develop new approaches for a ’license to operate’ tailored to the Western Australian (WA) beekeeping industry. The project will examine the social, political and ecological barriers and opportunities for securing optimal hive site accessibility (license to operate) now and into the future. This project serves to increase productivity and profitability of beekeepers, and to increase understanding of the competing interests in the management of honey bee hive sites in WA. The candidate will identify solutions and develop tools for viable and harmonious co-habitation between commercial beekeeping given a range of anthropogenic factors across spatially and ecologically-diverse native environments and commercial beekeeping arrangements that are distinctive to WA. The successful candidate will have scope to tailor the project in terms of methodology and theoretical approach to aid in the development of a productive and profitable WA beekeeping industry.

You may find the following resource useful:
Gill, R. (1996) The Benefits to the Beekeeping Industry and Society from Secure Access to Public Lands and their Melliferous Resources (97/026). Honeybee Research & Development Council of Australia, Armidale NSW.


  • Experience, skills and/or a keen interest in geography, environmental science, natural resource management, political ecology, geographic information systems or similar.
  • Ability to operate outdoors in an observational environment ( native bush & remote locations)
  • Willingness to work as part of a large interdisciplinary team to achieve outcomes through a combination of planning, working independently & collaboration with other team members.
  • Willingness to engage with external stakeholders such as private companies & government departments to effectively present scientific research results to this audience.
  • Excellent interpersonal & oral communication skills
  • A working knowledge of  geographic information systems & spacial data collection approaches is highly desired.
  • Limited fear of bees and bee stings. Bee allergies should be a consideration.


Dr Clare Mouat

PhD Student

If you are interested in applying for this PhD project closing 13 June, 2018, please review the UWA application process (https://study.uwa.edu.au/how-to-apply/lodging-your-application) and contact Dr Clare Mouat (clare.mouat@uwa.edu.au) for more information.