Cloning of Myrtle Rust Free Leptospermum


This project will develop tissue culture and synthetic seed technologies for producing, storing and distributing active-honey Leptospermum species under sterile conditions within Australia. 


  • Experience, skills and/or a keen interest in plant physiology or similar.   
  • Willingness to work as part of a large interdisciplinary team to achieve outcomes through a combination of planning, working independently & collaboration with other team members. 
  • Willingness to engage with external stakeholders such as private companies & government departments to effectively present scientific research results to this audience. 
  • Excellent interpersonal & oral communication skills 
  • A working knowledge of vegetative propagation systems and spatial data collection approaches is highly desired. 


Dr Stephen Trueman

Phd Student

If you are interested in applying this PhD program, please send your latest CV and a personal statement (addressing the requirements) to before 31 December, 2017.