Understanding the interconnectivities of the Honey Bee Industry

Understanding the inter-connectiveness of the honey bee industry

If you thought beekeeping was simple, you’ll be thinking again after reading the latest paper from CRC for Honey Bee Products postgraduate student Vidushi Patel. Vidushi and her supervisors, with support from the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia have used a multi-tiered conceptual framework to understand the human-environment interactions and outcomes.

Three system pressures are identified: access and utilisation of apiary sites, changing climate and burning of forage resources. Whilst this is well-known within the industry, this paper outlines a framework to support improved sustainable management of common pooled resources to ensure effective pollination and sustainable honey bee product production.  

To read more about this fascinating approach to understanding bee keeping, the full paper can be accessed online here: https://doi.org/10.5751/ES-11639-250224