CRCHBP to co-host ‘WA bees for Future Food Security’ dinner

When the sun sets and the bees go to sleep, out come beekeepers and their friends for food and fun!

Slow Food is breaking away from the hills and coming to the heart of honey bee research at the University of Western Australia to show-off a different side of honey. Offering a mouth-watering menu using only locally-grown produce, the use of different local honey floral sources will be revealed.

It is fitting Slow Food celebrates local produce with beekeepers and their friends, as the honey bee pollinates sixty-five percent of our agriculture production, which includes 53 of our agriculture crops. Life has not been easy for our honey bees this year.

Whilst we have been fighting COVID, our honey bees have been searching for food. New research by the CRC for Honey Bee Products in partnership with the Noongar Land Enterprise is on track to help. Times are changing and beekeeping is changing too.

Event Details

Date: Friday, 5th of March

Time: 6pm – late

Venue: University of Western Australia, Entrance Hackett Drive #3, Crawley WA 6009

Tickets available here