Beekeepers Breakfast!

Last Friday, we were fortunate to host a wonderful Beekeepers Breakfast in the beautiful and sunny Swan Valley. We all enjoyed the presentation by Sharon, Kim and Mila, which led to an interesting conversation and valued feedback for the research team.

Below, you will find the current research outcome paper provided Kim. Please remember that the result is only preliminary and not intended to be used for decision making. 

The Little Albion was excited to host our breakfast in the early morning hours. It is a fairly new business, run on a historic family vineyard by young owner couple Rachel & Keven. In addition to the café, the Little Albion’s brand new wine bar is bringing together some of the most celebrated and sought-after wines of the region. The wine bar is open Sundays. 

Our next social event will be a Christmas lunch on SUNDAY, 12th December 2021, Riverbank Estate, Caversham.

Tickets going on sale soon – stay tuned for future announcements! 

Photo:  Kim Feddema, Prof Sharon Purchase, and Dr Liudmila Tarabashkina

  • Location: 31° 49′ 14.06″ S 116° 0′ 4.5″ E