Celebrating incredible bee biodiversity | Farm Weekly

Farm Weekly picked up our recent ‘WA bees for Future Food Security‘ event. The event, which was held on Friday the 5th of March, was accompanied by delicious foods and the celebration of WA’s bees.

‘CRC HBP chief executive officer Liz Barbour said it was fitting for Slow Food to celebrate local produce with beekeepers and their friends, as the honey bee pollinated 65 per cent of WA’s agriculture production.

“That includes 53 of our agriculture crops, with $1.1 billion being the value of the pollination service to agricultural output from WA that honey bees provide,” Dr Barbour said.’

Read the full article by Shannon Beattie here.

Photo of CRCHBP CEO Liz Barbour speaking at the event | From Slow Food – Swan Valley and Eastern Regions