Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Honey Bee Products

The CRC for Honey Bee Products Limited now exists as a company as of 1st July.

We are honoured to have a board that includes three independent board members, Mr Paul McKenzie, Ms Margie Thomas and Mr Tony Cull supported by participant board members, Dr Ben McKee and Mr Gin Wah Ang that bring a variety of expertise to provide a firm guide for the CRC to deliver as promised.

As Interim CEO, I have been working to meet present CRC Participants expectations through the planning of projects, and working with researchers to see outcomes are aligned. This has identified an impressive list of projects and outcomes, with the attraction of 16 young PhD’s as a cohort across Australia.  Whilst these PhD’s may become specialists in their field, they will need knowledge from every program planned within the CRC to work in trans-disciplinary environments required of the industry. It will be wonderful to see animal and plant biologists mixing with engineers, geographers, economists, chemist as well as health scientists to deal with this unique honey bee product industry. University academics supporting these PhD’s may be strangers to you, but they are the best in their field, applying their skills to build an internationally revered Australian honey bee product Industry.

The CRC federal funding will create an ‘engine room’ of research expertise and new technology development, focused on solving honey bee product industry problems. Our industry partners are dominated by either small businesses or start-ups, and this is who we are trying to help. As said to every Participant partner, and new partner, we are here to add value to your business.

– Liz Barbour

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Publication Date: August 2017
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