Dr Connie Locher contributes a chapter to ‘More than Gold and Honey’

Congratulations to Connie Locher for her chapter contribution to the German/English book, More than Gold and Honey.

More than Gold and Honey was created to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the West Australian-German Business Association (WAGBA). The book was launched at their anniversary event at the WA Museum and featured esteemed guests including Premier Mark McGowan.

Connie’s chapter in the book is titled ‘Liquid Gold’.

Locher, C. 2021. Liquid Gold / Flüssiges Gold. In A . Ludewig (ed). More than Gold and Honey. Festschrift zum 35-jährigen Bestehen der Western Australian – German Business AssociationPerth: UWA Publishing (pp. 11-16).

Photo: More than Gold and Honey editor Alexandra Ludewig and Premier Mark McGowan at the WAGBA 35th anniversary event.