Final Report Summary: Development of honey bee products from a biodiversity hotspot

AgriFutures Australia has published a research report summary on a project which quantified the antibacterial activity of WA honeys.

This research was supported by the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia (BICWA) and the CRC for Honey Bee Products, and the report was produced by CRC research Dr Kate Hammer.


This project quantified the antibacterial activity and physicochemical parameters of a wide range of WA honeys. This is the first time that data of this kind have been reported for many of the honeys collected. The WA beekeeping industry and individual apiarists will benefit from having a solid foundation of data to support claims made for their unique monofloral honeys. These data may also affect the marketability of honeys, which would in turn improve the sale price of honey or honey products, and the overall profitability of the industry.