Hopes a manuka honey summit between Australia and New Zealand could end sticky trademark situation | ABC News

Dr Peter Brooks, the leader of the CRC’s Program 2, has weighed in on an ABC News article about the possibility of resolving the dispute between Australia and New Zealand over manuka honey.

The issue stems from the term manuka or mānuka. New Zealanders are battling to trademark the term ‘mānuka’ on the grounds of being a Maori name. However, Australian producers argue that Australian and New Zealand manuka honeys are virtually identical and that a rebranding of Australian manuka would cause many local beekeepers to go out of business.

Dr Peter Brooks, who has investigated the chemistry of manuka honey, said in the article:

“If New Zealand does get this trademark, I’d say about 500 Australian beekeepers could go out of business and that’ll drive up the price of honey.”

Image: “Common Tea-tree flower” by John Tann is licensed under CC BY 2.0