Natural Resources for Beekeepers 2020-21 Questionnaire | HBPCRC | UWA

Valuing Western Australia’s natural resource for the honey bee industry

The last time the south-west Western Australian forests and bushland to the honey bee industry were valued was in 1990-91. This was undertaken by the Depertment of Agriculture by Dr Rob Manning (Manning R. 1992.  Honey production, Economic value and geographical significance of apiary sites in Western Australia.  Final report DAW-3H, Honeybee Research and Development Council, Canberra, ACT). 

Industry and hobby interest for honey together with the demand for honey bees for pollination services has dramatically changed resource demand since then, and it is time to revalue this resource. With BICWA support, the CRCHBP has contracted the University of Western Australia to develop and manage this survey. This survey is under strict ethics control with no release of individual data only aggregated data. 

Please encourage every beekeeper in the south-west of Western Australia to take the time to complete this survey. We are hoping to present an overview of the 30 year change at the Australasian Honey Bee 2021 Conference.

Thank you, once again, for your support.

Dr Liz Barbour (CEO)