Particle Podcast Episode: Do Bees Bee-have? With Jessica Moran

PhD student Jessica Moran recently appeared on the Particle Podcast to chat about all things bee-related.

“I’m a PhD candidate with the CRC for Honey Bee Products at the University of Western Australia within the Honeybee Health Research Group. Basically, that means I’m a massive bee-nerd, and I get to spend my days researching honeybees and ways to diagnose diseases faster.

Bees actually get a lot of different diseases. So I focus on bacterial diseases. American Foulbrood, which is caused by the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae in particular, but they are also prone to getting viruses, they get fungal infections. There’s a whole range of things they get, a lot of parasites, I mean, you might know Varroa, the mite. And they also get plagued by moths that get into the hive.” – Jessica Moran

Listen to the full episode here.