Research Fellows

Dr Alex R. Chapman

Project 1: Development of spatiotemporal database and enhanced floristic vegetation mapping in support of honey bee product development and associated CRCHBP initiatives

Alex R. Chapman has worked for some 30 years at State Herbaria in WA and NSW and in a number of European and American herbaria. He is a taxonomist (Acacia; Ericaceae) and bioinformatics specialist having particular interest and experience in botanical systematics and nomenclature, collections management and information systems, and biological data standards.

At the WA Herbarium he developed ‘FloraBase – the Western Australian Flora’ website in the 90’s and was editor and member of the scientific advisory committee for ‘Nuytsia – the journal of systematic botany for WA’ between 2003 – 2013.

He has lectured in Biodiversity Informatics at Edith Cowan University’s School of Biological and Environmental Sciences and worked as a member or convener of several scientific committees including the Australian Herbarium Information Systems Committee and the Oceania Regional Secretary of the international Taxonomic Databases Working Group.

He works as a Consulting Scientist with Gaia Resources in a range of areas including citizen science and biological collections often in the role of an internal client representative to ensure relevant quality project outcomes.

His recent work on Project 1 has focused on phenological analysis in foraging species.

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