Research Fellows

Linda Wilson

PhD student - UWA

Program 1

Project: Managing competing interests in developing WA’s Beekeeping industry (working title)

Linda Wilson recently commenced her PhD at UWA having completed her BSc in Natural Resource Management (Hons) and Masters of Business Administration earlier in her career. She has spent more than 20 years in a variety of roles commencing with a Landcare role working with the farming community in Albany. After this she headed overseas as an Australian Volunteer to Vanuatu where she worked with local communities to develop small scale ecoforestry businesses. When she returned, she joined not-for-profit Australian Wildlife Conservancy as Executive Officer and developed her business management skills whilst working in the area she loved – managing land for conservation purposes. Her skills were developed in the areas of HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations. She was also the Company Secretary of the organisation and recognised for her achievements with a 40 under 40 Business News award. After a break to have her family, she returned to work for Carnegie Wave Energy in the Finance and Commercial sectors, before developing the newly created Supply Chain department of the business. She was part of the team that delivered the Perth Wave Energy Project at Garden Island, and learned much about cutting edge technology R&D processes. After Carnegie purchased another company specialising in the solar, battery, micro-grid markets, she learned about that industry sector whilst delivering the procurement and logistics of hybrid energy projects in rural and remote locations (eg NT). She now has a good working knowledge of the Australian energy markets, and the role that solar, battery and microgrids will play in the sector’s transformation to renewables going forward.  She decided to return to Uni and study for her PhD in order to conduct her own transformative research for (and with) the beekeeping community on the interdisciplinary topic of ‘Managing competing interests in developing WA’s Beekeeping industry (working title)’.

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