Research Fellows

Manita Ainsworth

The University of Western Australia

Program 1

Project 1: Development of spatiotemporal database and enhanced floristic vegetation mapping in support of honey bee product development and associated CRCHBP initiatives

Manita Ainsworth is a geospatial analyst with a background in Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Political Science. She has strong knowledge in environmental modelling and environmental impact and risk assessments. She is currently involved in honey bee flora database and GIS web-based development, mapping and has interests in data mining; extracting social media data in R for developing species distribution modelling and analysing patterns of flowering events. Manita has worked as a Research Assistant in a wide range of social science and environmental science projects related to GIS and Remote Sensing applications. She has a BA degree, an MA in Political Science from Thailand and an MSc in Environmental Science (GIS Specialisation) from UWA, Perth, Australia.