Research Fellows

Assoc Prof Michael Clarke


Program 2

Michael Clarke’s career initially involved 12 years working in clinical biochemistry in PathWest, culminating with a PhD studying antioxidants and health outcomes at UWA. In 2011 Michael joined UWA as a senior scientist in the Metabolomics Australia national network. Michael currently manages the Biological and Molecular Mass Spectrometry Facility (BMMSF) which also incorporates Metabolomics Australia within CMCA at UWA. Michaels’ interests include hormone analysis using LCMS and drug pharmacokinetics in humans and animal models of disease.

In 2012 Michael established a reference assay for the analysis of Vitamin D in serum. The BMMSF is involved in several national projects studying Vitamin D and its effects on health outcomes in humans. The facility is recognised by the CDC for the analysis of Vitamin D in human serum and has recently passed certification for accuracy and precision for the 3rd year in a row.