Research Fellows

Shannon Holt


Program 3

CRC Profile: Project 19

Project: Finding immune responsive proteins in the honey bee

Project outline: My project aims to develop an immune response assay, providing a method for immune competence evaluation. Once completed the molecular markers can be used to study immune response variations, potentially providing a platform for marker-directed breeding of more immune competent bees.

About me: I grew up in the south-west of Australia where I spent a lot of time outdoors and developed a keen interest in the natural environment. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia in Zoology and Conservation Biology, followed by honours where I investigated the effects of an agricultural pesticide on honey bee health and fertility. I am fascinated by social insects and developed a love for honey bees during my honours project. This led me to undertake a PhD on honey bee health at UWA with the CRC.

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