Honey Bee Product Chain of Custody

This programme will provide advice for the implementation of traceability systems for an Australian ‘chain of custody’ for honey bee products to capture information from hive site to distribution. Information can be displayed on recommended labelling criteria to improve consumer perceptions of authenticity. This marketing approach provides the opportunity to stratify the honey bee product market by mono-floral contribution and clearly support this differentiation with scientific information.

The CRC is recruiting post graduates to work within four key programs.  If you are a PhD student and wish to learn more about Honey Bee Chain of Custody project work click here.

  • Publication of an industry situational analysis and issues paper reviewing chain of custody literature and current practices within the food industry that applies to honey bee products
  • Production of a map of the supply chain, and information flow through the supply chain, to identify relevant data collection points (Field data from P1,Output 1)
  • Document produced of quality procedures for traceability systems and obtain industry feedback on possible implementation issues (aligns with P2, Output 1 and 2)
  • Produce a profile of key international honey markets and a review of their food label literature (align with P2. Output 2).
  • Various value-based labels are pre-tested, targeting important honey bee product markets.
  • A comprehensive label equity model (quality and value perceptions, price premium, etc.) will be developed through field experiments to evaluate label effectiveness.
  • Various label templates are developed and documented for the industry  (e.g., essential and non-essential information cues in different markets)