Dr Cornelia Locher

Project Leader

Program 2: Honey Bee Products

Dr Cornelia Locher (Staatsex. Pharm UniTü, PhD NTU) is Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry in the Pharmacy Program of the University of Western Australia. Her main research interests are in natural product chemistry, including traditional Aboriginal and Asian medicinal plants. Her recent work has focused on Eucalyptus kinos and medicinal honeys.


  • Locher, C., Neumann, J. and Sostaric, T. 2017. Authentication of honeys of different floral origins via HPTLC fingerprinting. Journal of Planar Chromatography – Modern TLC, 30(1): 57-62.
  • Roshan Hesari, N., Rippers, T., Locher, C. and Hammer, K.A. 2017. Antibacterial activity of Western Australian honeys compared to Manuka honey and pasture honey. Archives of Microbiology, 199(2): 347-359.

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