Kenneth Dods

Project Leader

Program 2: Honey Bee Products

Kenneth Dods is an experienced Food Scientist and analytical chemist working with ChemCentre, the Western Australian state government chemistry facility where he specialises in the development and application of food chemistry methodology that meets and advances food and agricultural government and industry objectives. As both a GLP accredited and NATA certified analyst, he has contributed to research team outcomes as a compositional chemistry expert for over 25 years with his teams achieving numerous national and international awards for project outcomes. His qualifications include a Masters in Food Science from Curtin University with over 50 peer reviewed publications delivering a Food and Agricultural Chemistry agenda.

Kenneth is an emergency response officer for chemical advice within the Western Australian FESA structure and provides analytical, chemical and regulatory advice to local government via its Local Health Authority Analytical Committee (LHAAC). He is also an essential knowledge contributor for other State Government Departments (Health, DEPAW DAFWA) and Universities involved in food and agricultural research, strategic development, regulation, and policy.

Kenneth is a past treasurer and committee member of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Institute of Food Scientists (AIFST), continues to provide input into the national regulatory committee framework and support food industry development.

Strengths; Residues and Compositional Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Nutritional and Antinutritional Chemistry. Research Coordinator Primary Industries (Agriculture, Food, Forestry, Fisheries), Systems Biology, Organic Chemistry. Masters in Food Science