Dr Michael Renton

Project Leader

Program 1: Honey Bee Hive Sites

Dr Michael Renton completed an Honours program at UWA in Maths, and his PhD at the University of Queensland in the Centre for Plant Architecture Informatics. His post-doc in Montpellier, France, married stochastic models with structural models to create virtual apple trees. On his return to Perth he taught applied maths at UWA before creating the Weed Seed Wizard (a model of seedbank dynamics) at the Department of Agriculture and Food (WA). In 2007 he became an Assistant Professor in computational agro-ecology in the School of Plant Biology at UWA with a joint appointment with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. His current projects involve modelling of weeds and seedbank population dynamics, evolution of resistance to herbicides and pesticides, competition and interactions between plants and their environments in natural and managed systems, bio-economic modelling and optimal land use in agricultural systems and mixed-use landscapes, and dispersal of biological organisms.