Prof Sharon Purchase

Project Leader

Program 4: Honey Bee Product Chain of Custody

Sharon is currently a Professor at the UWA Business School. Sharon worked for 13 years within the engineering sector for both private and public organizations. During this time Sharon worked in marketing, sales and consulting while completing her MBA part-time.

Sharon began working in academia on a part-time basis as she was studying for her PhD from 1996-1999. Her PhD research investigated the internationalization process of Australian Engineering consultants through their business networks and relationships. On completing her PhD she has worked in academia on a full time basis.

Sharon has published academic papers in international journal and leading conferences in the area of business networks and relationships. She has been invited to join 4 editorial boards and has been voted onto the membership committee for the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy(2007 – 2013). At the same time she hasn’t lost her roots with industry and has published commercial pieces with CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing) and other representative organizations.

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