Scientifically confirmed mono-floral honey

Scientifically confirmed mono-floral honey

Scientists from the University of Western Australia have developed an analytical method to confirm the honey nectar source for a number of Australian mono-floral honeys.

This technique will be used as part of a new labelling system for honey products that scientifically certifies the honey nectar source. As different floral sources provide different honey taste sensations and bioactive agents, these labels will increase consumer choice and confidence when buying Australian honey.

The method uses High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and analyses the non-sugar fraction of a honey, which contains flavonoids and organic acids. By separating these components and analysing them in different lights prior to and after chemical treatment (with Vanillin reagent), four different fingerprints are obtained which, taken together, can be considered a signature of the floral nectar derived components.

The analytical technique can also be used to obtain an antioxidant fingerprint of the honey.

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