Post-Graduate Projects


Please see below for information about the projects being undertaken by PhD students as part of the CRC.

Project 2: Vidushi Patel – “Geospatial assessment of impacts of climate change on Bee industry and associated ecosystem services in Western Australia using multi-agent modelling of socio-ecological systems: a case study of hive migration patterns.”

Project 5: Joanne Picknoll – “Modelling for year round high-value honey production sites.”

Project 26: Daniel Dixon – “Understanding environmental drivers of flora and honey bee product production: Remote Sensing approaches for predicting flowering events.”

Project 29: Christopher Wellington – “Investigation into the economic and ecological viability of a stationary medical-grade honey farm, utilising Tasmanian Leptospermum species.”

Project 3: Linda Wilson – “What’s all the Buzz? Managing competing interests in developing Western Australia’s beekeeping industry.”

Project 9: Yuqi Yang – “Honey  Bee Park – Designing a new tourist destination in Western Australia.”

Project 10: Tate Hancox – “Leptospermum selection for South Australia bioactive honey.”

Project 6: Hira Shaukat – “Assistance with soil modelling for Leptospermum plantations in South West WA.”

Project 17: Sylvester A. Obeng-Darko – “Exploring the relationship between Leptospermum nectar and DHA production.”

Project 16: Sohelia Beiranvand – “Modulatory effects of Australian honeys on inflammation, oxidative stress and wound-healing.”

Project 13: Md Khairul Islam  & Lokman Hossain – “Real-time assessment of Western Australian honeys.”

Project 11: Katharina Schmidt – “Leatherwood honey chemistry and bioactivity”

Project 33: Ivan Lawag – “Evaluation of the antioxidant activity and phytochemicals present in Western Australia honeys and bee pollen.”

Project 20: Jessica Moran – “Towards an electronic nose for the honey bee disease American foulbrood.”

Project 21: Clarissa Sanchez – “Honey Bee nutrition – early detection of malnutrition and colony collapse.”

Project 30: Omar Anwar – “Remote bee hive health communication using LoRa communication technology.”

Project 19: Shannon Holt – “Molecular marker identification for disease resistance and implementation into a bee breeding program.”

Project 20: Kenneth Ho – “Developing Labelling and Trade Mark Strategies to Market Australian Honey Worldwide.”


Please see below for information about the projects being undertaken by Masters students as part of the CRC.

Merryln Martha Mpofu (2018) An investigation of the climatic drivers of the flowering phenology of Corymbia calophylla (Marri) in the Wellington district of Western Australia.

Luca Dowell (2018) Observing the difference between flowering and non-flowering Corymbia calyophylla (Marri) using satellite-derived vegetation indices.

Benjamin Fleay (2019) Smells Like Queen Spirit: Identifying queen presence in a honey bee hive through volatile organic compounds.

Ravinka Dimal Kannangara (2020) Identification of Leptospermum scoparium essential oils and their genetic control.

Peylin Ng (2020) Automated Pollen Detection System in Honey