UWA Media Release: Sweet rewards from honeypot ant honey study

The recent honeypot ant honey study by Cornelia Locher, Md Khairul Islam, Ivan Lawag, Tomislav Sostaric, and Professor Lee Yong Lim has been highlighted in a UWA media release!

Honey derived from bees has been extensively analysed around the world, yet very few studies have been conducted on the unusual insect honey produced by Western Australian honeypot ants.

Sometimes referred to as ‘living pantries’, honeypot ants (Camponotus inflatus) have abdomens swollen with honey to the size of a small marble, which can be regurgitated to feed the colony in times of scarcity.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products at The University of Western Australia recently collaborated with the Australian Biome to complete the first comprehensive analysis of honeypot ant honey collected 50km east of Kalgoorlie in the Goldfields region of WA.

Image: Australian Biome chairman Terrence Dewar, Ivan Lawag, Associate Professor Connie Locher, CRC for Honey Bee Products CEO Dr Liz Barbour, Md Khairul Islam and Moe Choueib. Credit CRC for Honey Bee Products