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Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products

Low prices for honey bee products originating from Australia do not reflect their true value as unique and pure. Endemic flora, together with regulated isolation, has created the opportunity to produce rare honey bee products from healthy bees, and develop a niche market.

This federally funded Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will resolve industry problems that limit both the value and expansion of the Australian honey bee products industry. The CRC will also contribute to disease insurance policies to address a major global threat to our Australian honey bees.

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Our Vision

To make Australian honey renowned as unique and pure, and priced for its rarity.


Research Focus

The CRC for Honey Bee Products is trans-disciplinary across four programs, driving innovation within the industry to meet export demands.

Hive Sites

The hive site program will help protect existing sites, inform bee hive movement and rehabilitate land into new high-value hive sites. Australian Manuka honey will be a new product.

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Bee Health

To contribute to honey bee health, the CRC will work towards future-proofing the bee industry and developing a catalogue of disease markers.


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Honey Products

The honey bee product program will add value to the industry through developing honeys from known floral sources for the export market.


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Chain of Custody

This program will use all the information from the CRC to develop a Chain of Custody. This will be linked to developing and testing product quality labels in the export market.

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