CRC Honey Bee Products

Hive to Customer

Project summary

The implementation of a traceability system for a ‘chain of custody’ for honey bee products captures data from hive site to distribution in line with Australian beekeeping standards. This information can be displayed on recommended labelling criteria to improve consumer perceptions of authenticity. The ‘chain of custody’ will also inform labelling for health requirements offering a marketing approach to stratify the honey market by mono-floral contribution by clearly support this differentiation with scientific information. To embed the value proposition and skills throughout the Australian honey producer industry, training was central to the success of this approach.

Project focus

  • Output 1: Digitisation of B-QUAL and creation of B-Trace for the recreational beekeeper
  • Output 2: Link to the chemistry and bioactivity of Australian honeys
  • Output 3 : Marketing narratives for Australian honey
  • Output 4: Industry training