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Honey Bee Health

Project summary

Pivotal to a flourishing and economically sustainable honeybee industry is the availability of healthy bee stock, which in Australia, has so far largely been taken for granted. Bee health is in decline globally, mainly due to the spreading parasites, agricultural pesticide exposure and inferior beekeeping practices. Minimal veterinary research into bee health has resulted in a lack of reliable treatment options to restore compromised bee health. Consequently, tools of integrative bee pest management are needed as a matter of urgency. Any treatments developed will also need to minimise health risks for consumers. This programme developed novel approaches to manage and monitor bee health.

Project focus

  • Output 1: American Foulbrood biomarkers identified, and a sensor B-Check
  • Output 2: Apis Prime to monitor hive health in remote locations
  • Output 3: Biomarker to measure starvation in honey bees
  • Output 4: Understanding bee breeding options for resilience

Additional information